Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winds of change

Texas oil tycoon H.L. Hunt was indeed a man who knew how to make a decision. The proof is in the fruit. He ended up a TYCOON.

Hunt once said, “Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.”

For years, operating Chasing4Life has been a labor of passion and love. Knowing that we were changing lives, knowing we were reaching massive amounts of people with a message that could save their lives all kept us going. Unfortunately, the financial end lacked. Several years ago, we decided to venture into the world of disaster response; the idea came easy as we saw need, and decided to meet it. We had no business plan, no financier, just a will to do the work.

The same happened when we saw the opportunity to present an I.C.E. Application for iPhones. The same happened when we got involved in animal rescue. The same happened when we began to create educational training DVD’s.

Now, none of these ventures came to us in the middle of the night or in visions. The calls, the requests, the inquiries and even sometimes the begging all came from people. When we presented the I.C.E. Application, it was because literally over 100 of our friends and clients said it was a great idea that they could support. When we got into disaster recovery work, it was because literally dozens of community leaders and church leaders said it was something they could get behind and support. When we began to create training DVD’s, it was because incredible numbers of agencies and organizations were requesting them.

But then there is reality. The check was always in the mail, but never arrived.

The I.C.E. App has been recreated because of the lack of support. We are taking it to a new market. The training DVD's are being distributed by a distributor. The TV show is being re-produced for a new market and a new network. A whole new staff for the C4LDRT will be announced by Christmas.

To those who never showed? We're still going...without you.

It is now November, and as the famous song says, the “winds of change are blowing”. A coldness is creeping across the country, changing the way people react, dress, operate, travel, plan and work. The same is happening at Chasing4Life.

Over the course of the last three years, we have “partnered” with many people and organizations only to find that the momentum was all ours. Many companies and organizations we have partnered with have yet to take their first step in cross-marketing, support or involvement. Simple Google searches pull up these “partners” who, some of which, have not even updated their websites in a year let alone have they thought to post something in the social media realm since the first months of the year. Momentum is non-existent, connection and communication seem to be all but vanished.

And then there are the people. The volunteers, the instructors, the administrators, the coordinators. So many that wanted to hitch themselves to Chasing4Life, yet as it was revealed, in name only to bolster other agendas.

With hundreds of thousands of school children educated in disaster preparedness, hundreds of agencies trained and tens of thousands of families reached, no matter what your opinion of the method, Chasing4Life has been a force to be reckoned with and our influence has travelled around the globe.

Now, as the winds shift outside, they shift inside as well.

As the new year approaches, we know that the needs are going to be great. Disasters are increasing, schools are beckoning more than ever. Agencies are looking for more of the quality Chasing4Life has presented in the past, and the time has come to follow in the words and footsteps of H.L. Hunt and make decisions, establish priorities, and get to work.

The new year is bringing a whole new application process for our C4LDRT volunteers and staffers. The arrival of the new mobile command unit has brought with it opportunity to serve like never before, but we have chosen to man not only the vehicle, but the entire organization with only those dedicated to training, serving, protecting and sacrificing. We are only going to consider those willing to answer the call.

Our sponsorships and partnerships will be similar. No more can we afford to spend time and effort on those with no momentum, no passion, no vision and no dedication. Companies and organizations alike will have to have their own momentum that they bring to the table; and a plan as to how to combine it with the power, momentum and reach of Chasing4Life.

As for our staff? So many have voiced concern that their careers are not lucrative enough, that there has been no real explosion of their popularity, no real increase in demand. With over 700 programs presented this year by only three of our instructors, we will leave this portion of the conversation with one statement: If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, it is perhaps because they maintain it better over there…

It is a year for change. The Mayans could have been right, after all, which means we have 12 months to leave our mark. If they were wrong, then this will be the year that changes Chasing4Life forever. We will reach more, teach more, save more, fix more, respond more, love more, laugh more and last longer.

Now, why the change?

It is because of the advice of the wise few. Tim. Chris. Theresa. Jeff. Hearts tuned to what we do and where we are going. It is also because we have a responsibility to be good stewards of what has been given us by Baron Services, HiViz, FoxFury, and NUPLA. Partners that have proven they understand partnership and the word “support”.

To those of you that have been that support? There is no way to ever thank you enough.

Why the change?

Because it’s time to take this whole thing to a new level.

The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

(Scorpions-Wind of Change)